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Cliff Dwelling

Cliff Dwelling

In the world of construction aerial photography and real estate drone photography, we are often privileged to capture some of the most extraordinary architectural feats and landscapes. Imagine, for a moment, living in a home built seamlessly into the rugged side of a cliff. This remarkable concept was brought to life by the Ancestral Puebloan peoples, formerly known as the Anasazi.


From the period of 1000-1100 CE, these ingenious builders constructed more than 600 dwellings within the cliff faces of the Four Corners region in the United States. The area encompasses the southwestern corner of Colorado, northwestern corner of New Mexico, northeastern corner of Arizona, and southeastern corner of Utah. These structures, predominantly residential in nature but also serving as storage and ritual spaces, stand as a testament to the innovation and resourcefulness of these ancient civilizations.


In our aerial landscape photography, we have had the privilege of capturing some of these impressive cliffside dwellings in Southern California. The juxtaposition of nature's grandeur with the artistry and ingenuity of these ancient architectural marvels creates a visually captivating scene. Each photograph reveals the harmonious blend of human habitation and the rugged cliffs, a true testament to the symbiotic relationship between humanity and the natural world.


Through our lens, we strive to showcase the timeless beauty and historical significance of these exceptional constructions. Our construction aerial photography and real estate drone photography services capture the essence and allure of these remarkable structures nestled among the cliffs, allowing viewers to marvel at the extraordinary accomplishments of the Ancestral Puebloan peoples and their ability to create homes in the most uncommon of places.

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