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Browns Island RVA

Browns Island RVA

Experience the captivating history and natural beauty of Brown's Island in Richmond with our professional aerial event photography and drone photography services. Originally part of the Haxall Canal in 1789, this iconic island is steeped in rich heritage and has evolved into a beloved public park.


Named after its first settler, Elijah Brown, who acquired the land in 1826, Brown's Island played a significant role during the Civil War as the site of the Confederate States Laboratory. Women and children were involved in the production of ammunition and military supplies, highlighting the island's historical significance.


Throughout the late 19th and 20th centuries, Brown's Island saw various industrial developments. The Richmond Union Passenger Railway established a coal power plant on the island in 1894, followed by Dominion Virginia Power's hydroelectric plant in 1899. The construction of the Brown's Island Dam facilitated the operation of the hydroelectric plant, utilizing the power of the Haxall Canal. The supports connecting to the James River, built to accommodate the Chesapeake & Ohio Elevated Rail lines (now controlled by CSX), serve as a popular attraction for rail enthusiasts, visitors, and event attendees alike.


The island's industrial period continued with the Albemarle Paper Company, which operated a paper mill on the island. Eventually, the land was gifted to the City of Richmond, who recognized the need to preserve the breathtaking river views and developed Brown's Island into a public park. Today, Venture Richmond manages and maintains the island, providing visitors, residents, and employees of Downtown Richmond with six acres of riverfront access to the James River, surrounding James River parks, and unforgettable outdoor concerts.


Capturing the allure and historical significance of Brown's Island requires professional commercial photography, aerial event photography, and drone photography services. Allow us to showcase the beauty and significance of this remarkable island, capturing its vibrant atmosphere and stunning vistas from a unique perspective. Contact us today to elevate your photography and tell the story of Brown's Island in Richmond.

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